Impressive light scenes create a special atmosphere

It doesn’t matter what kind of lights you already use at home. With proven eNet SMART HOME products, your service partner can make the lights you have smart.

Impressive scenes

Create special light scenes in the eNet SMART HOME app. For instance, set a light scene for dinner: every lamp in the dining area dims to a mellow intensity. More impressive than any kind of candlelight.

Everything off

Turn your lights on and off with ease room by room, floor by floor or throughout an entire building with a simple tap in the app.

Light control according to your schedule

Adapt light to suit your day-to-day routine with ease. All the lamps in your home switch off the moment you leave the house in the morning. With eNet SMART HOME, this means the end of lights accidentally left on all day.

Light follows your rules

The perfect way to ensure cosy film nights: when the TV is on, the lights should dim automatically. Simply define an if-then rule in the eNet SMART HOME app.

Products for light control:


With its detection angle of 300° and a high-precision sensor system, no movement escapes the infrared motion sensor sensiQ. Whether inside or outside - it reliably switches on the light automatically. Adjustable in 3 directions, it monitors areas with a range up to 20 m.


F40 Taster Sensors

Aesthetic design meets simple operating concept: Set the eNet wall transmitter F40 in a flat design on real materials and big control buttons for one comfortable handling. With clear symbols, the assignment of functions is self-explanatory - simple and individual to create with the JUNG Graphic Tool.


F50 Taster Sensors

If the operation explains itself from the design itself: the eNet wall transmitter F50. On the concise information surface the wall transmitters offer a lot of space for individual markings. The operation then simply runs through the buttons on the side.


Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier

JUNG brings color to the smart home. The eNet wall transmitters in F40 and F50 are also available in 63 combinable Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colors. The color variant of the switch classics enables a unique variety of design and combines technology with an exceptional design.

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LED eNet-Set

The LED recessed spot set consists of 2 lamps, a DALI dimmable converter and a DALI eNet actuator. With only 12 watts of system power, the rotatable spot achieves a luminous flux of 1154 lumens, making it ideal for illuminating rooms. The warm white 3000 Kelvin are ideal for modern private or office spaces.


Smart Control 5

JUNG presents the Smart Control 5 as the latest extension to the Smart Control series. The small control panel fits into all standard flush-mounting boxes. The high-resolution touch display is reminiscent of the newest smartphones in respect of its appearance, brightness of the colours and sharpness.

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Control all areas of the personal eNet SMART HOME system from home with the Gira G1: the intelligent control panel provides intuitive access to all functions. With a future-oriented and at the same time restrained design, the Gira G1 eNet client fits perfectly into your living spaces.


eNet wireless switch/dimmer cover frames

The wireless operating cover frames of the Gira eNet system are easy to install and can be used to make a conventional electrical installation radio-controlled. 


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Blinds, roller shutters and awnings are activated automatically.

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Create atmospheric lighting scenes with eNet SMART HOME.

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Devices always communicate fully encrypted.

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Control your energy consumption.

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Comfortable operation via smartphone and wall switch.

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Heat efficiently and comfortably via app with your smartphone.

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