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With eNet SMART HOME, you’ll never again have to run from one end of the house to the other, individually closing blinds. Blinds, roller shutters and awnings automatically provide privacy and shade. Make the electric shades you have smart.

Close all the blinds – with a tap of the finger

Use the main control in the eNet SMART HOME app to open and close your blinds room by room, floor by floor and throughout the entire house. Simply practical.

Slats keep your home private

No more unwanted onlookers! Create a rule in the app: as soon as you turn on the bathroom light, the slats automatically close for privacy.

Blind control on schedule

No need to waste another thought about putting up the blinds in the morning. Define the times you want the blinds open or closed in the eNet SMART HOME app.

Wake up to sunshine

Your eNet SMART HOME knows when the sun rises and sets and can automatically open and close your blinds. A beautiful way to wake up at weekends.

Products for smart blind control:

JUNG eNet radio centre plate for blinds control

With the JUNG eNet radio blind button, electrically operated blinds, roller shutters and awnings can be operated manually and radio controlled. Various functions can be set via the eNet server. From eNet Server software version 2.0, fully encrypted radio transmission (AES-CCM) provides additional security.


Sun sensor

Sun protection function, twilight function and temperature-dependent sun protection: The wireless, solar-powered sun sensor from JUNG measures the brightness and temperature.


Gira eNet wireless
blind control button

The Gira eNet wireless blind control button enables blinds to be easily controlled via wireless actuators with just a single touch. The LED display signals the raising and lowering of the blinds, as well as the learning mode.


Sun control

The Gira eNet wireless sun sensor Solar is attached to the pane from the inside. When limits for sunlight and twilight are reached, scenes are triggered, such as adjusting the blind position or the dimming setting for the lighting.


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Blinds, roller shutters and awnings are activated automatically.

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Create atmospheric lighting scenes with eNet SMART HOME.

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Devices always communicate fully encrypted.

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Control your energy consumption.

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Comfortable operation via smartphone and wall switch.

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Heat efficiently and comfortably via app with your smartphone.

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