Intelligent energy management

saves energy and costs

With eNet SMART HOME not only enjoy more comfort but also save on energy costs.

Transparent energy consumption

Energy sensors in the form of intermediate adapters or out of sight as an in-wall variant or in a control cabinet measure the consumption of the connected devices. A glance at the eNet SMART HOME app and you can immediately see which device is currently using how much energy.

Effective heating management

Reduce your heating bill by up to 31 %. The smart heating management system from tado knows when no one’s home and automatically turns the heating down low.

Die Kosten immer im Blick haben dank der übersichtlichen App.
Aussenansicht Gebäude bei Nacht und Smartphone mit eNet SMART HOME App.

Intelligent light concept

Define the thresholds for brightness levels outdoors. If the level falls below this value, your lights automatically switch on and switch back off if the value is exceeded. This automatically saves energy.

Products for more energy efficiency:

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