App Update 2.1

We have updated our eNet SMART HOME app.
Find out what has changed here.


The following functions are now available with the new server version 2.1:

  • Full integration of the tado° smart heating system into eNet SMART HOME
  • Rules and scenes extended in the app by inclusion of target temperature and tado° operating mode
  • Use of tado°geofencing as If-condition in If-Then rules in the app
  • Convenient search function in eNet SMART HOME connect
  • Diagnosis of wireless telegrams including external telegrams in eNet SMART HOME connect

System maintenance and adjustments:

  • Optimised project import into eNet SMART HOME connect
  • Automatic concealment of WLAN password (key) in the input mask in eNet SMART HOME connect
  • eNet wireless hand-held transmitter Multi and/or eNet radio hand-held transmitter with display, 24-gang
  • eNet mobile gate and/or eNet radio IP gateway

Error corrections:

  • Stabilisation and error rectification of time switch function (summertime/wintertime)
  • Improved remote re-connection after faults
  • Various error corrections