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What can a smart home do?

A smart home is nowadays more than just a trend. That is why there are so many systems in the fast-growing smart home market - you can quickly lose track of that.

On this page we give you the basic information on this subject and we also show you what makes eNet SMART HOME so special.

Where is a smart home meaningful?

From smart offices to intelligent homes, many residential and work structures benefit from intelligent building management - because more time and comfort are welcome everywhere. This also applies, of course, to the installation of energy-saving components. Investment is also attractive for landlords: the cost of a system is often below the average purchase price of one square meter of living space.

After installation, people and homes work more efficiently right from the start: devices are turned off automatically when they are no longer needed, and the user is spared unnecessary actions.

The living situation does not matter. Because whether it's a private house or a rented apartment - operating the thermostats individually or searching for the switch in the dark hallway, that does not have to be.

How does a smart home work?

A smart home can be based on different technologies and can be realized with a variety of devices and applications. From voice-driven gimmicks to do-it-yourself projects or all-in-one solutions delivered by a professional, everything is possible.

Basically, you can subdivide smart homes according to the type of transmission.

A professional standard is KNX. In most cases, however, long-term planned extensive construction measures must be carried out in order to lay the individual cables.


Anyone who wants to realize his ideas wirelessly and with less investment is often inhibited by the safety issue. To ensure the security of your own data and your home via wireless technology, you must rely on a fully encrypted system from trusted providers.

Important factors here are the location of the servers, the type of encryption and of course the future sustainability of the system.

Professional solutions are usually implemented via a central control unit (server), which is accessible for all devices and applications. In that case, you no longer need different Apps and remote controls.

A one-stop-shop system for the entire home - that's the convenience of a complete Smart Home solution.


This is how your home becomes an eNet SMART HOME

  1. Discover the possibilities on our website.
  2. Consider which solutions you want to use for your Smart Home.
  3. Contact one of our service partners without obligation.
  4. Our service partner implements the joint planning. Welcome to your eNet SMART HOME!

Further questions and answers about your eNet SMART HOME

How is my Smart Home controlled?

The heart of the operation is our App. Thanks to our brands Gira and JUNG, you can also control your smart home with freely configurable switches and sophisticated control panels.

Here you will find more information about operation

How safe is my Smart Home?

In addition to fully encrypted communication and adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation, your smart home is also protected against burglars. Our brands offer a multitude of solutions - tailored to your needs.

Here you will find more information about security solutions

Saving with Smart Home - how does it work?

In the household energy can be saved in several places. This is what eNet SMART HOME builds on. For example, lights turn off automatically at a set time or when leaving the house; the same also can be set for heating as well. In the App, you can also monitor the consumption of networked devices and quickly locate power guzzlers. This is how you make sensible use of energy without sacrificing comfort.

Is the Smart Home App easy to use?

Yes! The App operation is intuitive and you can still operate integrated devices with switches. Operability is very important to us, so eNet SMART HOME ensures maximum comfort. The ensuring for problem-free accessibility is indispensable.

How does the installation of my smart home work?

The installation of the server and the initial setup of the App and software are carried out by the service partner. Then everything is ready for use. You can easily set scenes in the App and set automatic rules. What should happen at a home cinema night? Determine the degree of dimming of the lights, the closing of the shutters and much more - according to your wishes.

Who do I contact for service questions?

Usually, the installing service partner remains your contact. Most problems can be solved remotely directly!

In our service partner search you will always find a service partner in your region


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