eNet SMART HOME Update 2.2.1

Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant:
eNet SMART HOME Update 2.2.1

Smart speakers are widely popular and offer more and more options.Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant can now do much more than just respond to questions about the weather outside or the closest pizza place; they can also be used to control intelligent building technology. With Update 2.2.1, this can now be implemented with eNet SMART HOME as well.

Hannover, 20.01.2020

Commands such as ‘Alexa, brighten the ceiling lamp’ or ‘OK, Google, activate the Party scene’ are no longer wishful thinking in the eNet SMART HOME, but smart day-to-day living of the future. Activate and dim lighting, turn devices and sockets on and off, call up scenes, open and close blinds and roller shutters: with eNet SMART HOME Update 2.2.1, it is now possible to operate these and many other intelligent functions using your voice. It is necessary to activate the eNet SMART HOME skill for Amazon Alexa or the eNet SMART HOME action in the Google Assistant or Google Home. The My eNet account of the eNet SMART HOME system is linked to the corresponding Amazon or Google user account. Depending on the system, it is then possible to use voice control with Amazon Alexa-enabled and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Technical requirements

In order to be able to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/Google Home, an eNet SMART HOME system with eNet Server V2.2.1 or higher is needed as well as a compatible smartphone with the eNet SMART HOME app installed. Further requirements are a My eNet user account with remote access ‘eNet SMART HOME remote’ activated in the eNet SMART HOME app, and an active internet connection of the corresponding eNet Server. In addition, it is necessary to have an Amazon user account as well as a device which supports Amazon Voice Service or the Amazon Alexa app – or, alternatively, a Google user account as well as a device which is Google Home-enabled or a device with the Google Home app/Google app installed which contains the Google Assistant. The eNet SMART HOME Update 2.2.1 can be downloaded from the Support section of www.enet-smarthome.com under Downloads.

More options with eNet SMART HOME

The bidirectional radio system eNet SMART HOME enables smart networking and control of home technology via a single platform. Clear advantage: The corresponding products and solutions can also be integrated across brands. eNet SMART HOME, with seven partner brands Gira, JUNG, BRUMBERG, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°, covers a wide range of home automation. Starting with lighting, heating system and blind control all the way to the subjects of energy efficiency and security. At the same time, there is a dense network of specially trained eNet SMART HOME service partners available for meticulous and professional installation. And their numbers keep on growing. At present, about 3,200 professional tradespeople are at work under the umbrella of eNet SMART HOME. Of these, more than 2,300 companies have already obtained appropriate qualifications.