Digital pioneer for new customers

Digital pioneer for new customers

Optimised for all target groups: With its improved homepage, eNet SMART HOME is focusing even more on the behaviour and needs of end users and skilled tradesmen.

Hannover, 20.06.2019

Any supplier who wants to professionalise the Smart Home market faces major challenges. That’s because end users who want to purchase a Smart Home system invest a lot of time before making a purchase decision in order to inform themselves in considerable detail. Ultimately, only those who accompany and understand future users through all phases of the purchasing process - right from the start - will be successful. The entire path from the initial idea to the purchase decision must be taken into account. The website as a source of information is a decisive point of contact between suppliers and users.

What is special about eNet SMART HOME: suppliers include not only the various brand manufacturers, but also qualified service partners from the trade who advise, plan and install the systems. Therefore, we’ve not only revised the web presence for end customers, but also the website area for specialist companies.

Interested end users and skilled tradesmen can now see the new homepage for themselves at

Comprehensive information and answers to classic customer questions

The new website offers visitors further information on all important Smart Home topics and its design is clearly geared to the user. For example, not everyone who wants to make their home smart already knows all the options available to them. In addition, as is so often the case with new high-tech products, buyers are also concerned about risks. Reservations should therefore be clearly addressed and, if necessary, refuted. The optimised eNet SMART HOME homepage achieves this and at the same time provides the service partners with arguments for their sales pitches.

The emotional image worlds and atmospheric images of users and living areas, as well as the optimised arrangement of image and text elements make it even easier for potential buyers to immerse themselves in the Smart Home world. Those end customers who have collected sufficient information can give their eNet SMART HOME service partner - who is now also well prepared - initial input for the preliminary planning.

Simple, clear and emotional sales approach

What can Smart Home do? Where does Smart Home make sense? How does Smart Home work? These and other typical questions from Smart Home newcomers are quickly answered under the heading “WHAT IS SMART HOME?”. The additional benefits that eNet SMART HOME can bring to users are explained in the “YOUR BENEFITS” section. Under the heading “SOLUTIONS”, various applications are presented with sample products for each solution, broken down by product area. Individual topics are initially only briefly outlined; those who would like to learn more can deepen their knowledge on the following pages. Those who wish to can also broach the Smart Home topic via a virtual house with different living areas. Customers can also use the skilled tradesman search function to obtain the contact data of certified eNet SMART HOME service partners in their vicinity. Another option for finding suitable fitters is the website’s new reference gallery, where selected service partners are presented together with the eNet SMART HOME solutions they have implemented.

Improved web area for skilled tradesmen

The web optimisations for skilled tradesmen as co-providers of eNet SMART HOME solutions are also helpful. In the course of the revision of the homepage, both the certification process and the fundamental advantages of the products were highlighted more clearly. The same applies to the eNet SMART HOME services from which certified service partners benefit. After all, the information must also be as concise and clearly presented as possible for specialist companies - the available time is also a scarce resource here. Fast orientation was therefore also a top priority in the skilled tradesmen area.

A success story: the strong brands of eNet SMART HOME

Launched in 2017, the eNet SMART HOME bidirectional radio system enables intelligent networking and control of building services via a single platform. The advantage: The respective products and solutions can also be integrated across brands. With its seven partner brands Gira, JUNG, Brumberg, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°, eNet SMART HOME already covers a broad spectrum of home automation - Starting with lighting, heating and blind control through to energy efficiency and safety. At the same time, a dense network of specially trained eNet SMART HOME service partners is available for careful and professional installation. Furthermore, their number is growing continuously. There are currently around 3,200 skilled tradesmen working under the umbrella of eNet SMART HOME. More than 2,300 of these companies have already undergone corresponding training. This means that potential customers throughout Germany can find a competent contact person near them. The redesign of the eNet SMART HOME website at is a further measure to make it even easier for prospective Smart Home customers to find their way from the initial information, via the purchase decision to the installation by the expert.