eNet SMART HOME Update 2.3

Following the update with voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, eNet SMART HOME has made another great leap forward. With Version 2.3, it is now possible to also connect the radio-based system with the Conrad Connect smart living platform. It opens up further smart potentials for all users and raises the already wide variety of functions to even higher levels.

In addition to voice-based control via the smart voice assistants and control via the app for smartphone and tablet, starting now it is possible to automate and control an eNet SMART HOME and link to other services by means of Conrad Connect. Update 2.3 opens up numerous new usage options to eNet SMART HOME users which enable them to dive even deeper into the world of the Internet of Things*.

Also new in Version 2.3 are two new operating top units from Gira and JUNG. The eNet wireless operating top unit for Gira System 3000 in-wall installations** and the JUNG eNet radio centre plate Standard for JUNG LB management in-wall installations*** enrich the system with further variants. Moreover, sensor and actuator functions offer the secure communication you’ve come to expect – the update is carried out with complete simplicity via the eNet server and during installation you just replace the control button.

The Conrad Connect cloud platform

Conrad Connect links the devices and services of its partners and users, across manufacturers, in a cloud-based smart living platform. With devices and services from more than 100 manufacturers, Conrad Connect enables simple and complex automation in all living areas. After the update, it is also possible to operate Conrad Connect solutions in an eNet SMART HOME via the platform, e.g. by voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Using voice commands you create yourself, you can activate your own defined scenes and more comprehensive rule sets.

Even more smart options

The new functions include “Switch devices on and off”, “Switch lights on and off and dim them”, “Adjust blinds, roller shutters and awnings”, “Activate scenes”, “Use measured energy values and brightness values for automation and visualisation”, “Use motion detection for automation” and “Use pressed scene buttons for control and automation”.

Via Conrad Connect and an eNet wall transmitter, for instance, it is possible to activate Philips Hue lighting and colour scenarios. Netatmo weather information such as wind warnings can be used to lower roller shutters and blinds in time and protect against storm damage. The Sonos speakers can additionally emit an audible wind alarm as desired, and a further notification is sent to the mobile phone via text. A Nuki door lock can be connected to an eNet operating button so that the door can be conveniently opened from the couch when someone rings the doorbell. These are just a few of many new application examples…

Inspirations for all living spaces

The connection to Conrad Connect provides the user with many new options for innumerable occasions and rooms. Check out the brand new page www.enet-smarthome.com/en/inspirations/, where you’ll find inspiring examples of new Conrad Connect projects which can be integrated in eNet SMART HOME. For example, the smart home can remind the kids that it’s time for bed, dim the lights in the children’s bedroom at the right time and play a lullaby for them to fall asleep to. For the adults, it’s possible to set the mood for a candlelight dinner in the kitchen at the press of a button. The list of solutions from the more than 100 Conrad Connect partners could go on indefinitely.

Technical requirements

The use of Conrad Connect in an eNet SMART HOME is subject to just a few technical requirements. For one, the eNet SMART HOME server must have a permanent internet connection and be at least Version 2.2.1. Version 2.3 is necessary for functions such as voice control and/or for the full scope of functionality. Also required is the installation of the eNet SMART HOME app V2.2.1 from the Android or iOS store on a smartphone or tablet
as well as the activation of eNet SMART HOME remote for your My eNet account. You must also have a Conrad Connect Premium user account. A comprehensive overview of
all relevant functions and how to set up the link to Conrad Connect is available at www.enet-smarthome.com/en/support/conrad-connect/. eNet SMART HOME users can enjoy Premium access for 4 weeks free of charge.

More options with eNet SMART HOME

The bidirectional radio system eNet SMART HOME connects and controls intelligent home technology via a single platform. One decisive advantage for users: The corresponding
products and solutions can also be integrated across brands. eNet SMART HOME, with seven partner brands Gira, JUNG, BRUMBERG, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°, already covers a wide range of home automation. Starting with lighting, heating system and blind control all the way to the subjects of energy efficiency and security. At the same time, there is a dense network of specially trained eNet SMART HOME service partners available for meticulous and professional installation. And their numbers keep on growing. At present, about 3,300 professional tradespeople are at work under the umbrella of eNet SMART HOME. Of these, more than 2,400 companies have already obtained appropriate qualifications. More information on products and partners is available at www.enet-smarthome.com.

*The connection is still in the beta test phase at present
**Available as of February 2021
**Available as of December 2020