Smarter heating system

Smarter heating system

With the eNet SMART HOME Update 2.1, the intelligent tado° heating control can be integrated into a professional home automation system.

Hannover, 30.10.2018

More energy efficiency and comfort are decisive advantages of an intelligent home. With eNet SMART HOME, this also includes the field of heating. Alliance partner tado° delivers suitable solutions that can be optimally integrated into the system with the eNet SMART HOME Update 2.1.

Many benefits for users

With intelligent tado° heating solutions, an average household can save up to 300 euro per year. To reduce costs, for example, the system includes the weather forecast and automatically heats less when there is a high level of solar radiation. For traceable consump-tion data, reports show the temperature history, the heating times and the savings. An additional feature is the location recognition: The tado° app captures the respective loca-tions by accessing the individual smartphones of the users. When the last person leaves the house, the heating goes directly into economy mode. Before the first person then re-enters the house, the app sends a signal to the heating system in order to start it up again at the desired temperature.

Easy commissioning

The connection between the tado° system and eNet SMART HOME is made in the eNet SMART HOME app. The prerequisite for this is that both the tado° system and the eNet system have been put into operation individually. The tado° partner system is added in the eNet SMART HOME app and the tado° zones are incorporated into the eNet building structure. Data security is very important. Communication between home devices, certified high-security servers and mobile devices meets online banking standards.

Flexible control

The temperature setting for the heating system can be set directly on the device via the tado° thermostat at any time. Furthermore, it is possible to operate and configure the system via the tado° app. The app is available for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. After linking tado° to eNet, the eNet SMART HOME app also enables simple heating control and integration into cross-system eNet features.

For floor heating systems and radiators

The tado° heating control is compatible with up to 95 % of all heating systems. To control a heating system with eNet SMART HOME, an eNet server and a smart tado° heating control are required. The tado° system can intelligently control a heating system directly via the central heating system, wall-mounted thermostats for underfloor heating or radiator thermostats.

Smart thermostat

A tado° radiator thermostat controls the individual radiators either alone or in combination with the thermostat that controls the heating system. Especially smart: tado° takes into account the individual building characteristics and learns from the user profiles how to heat the house most efficiently. With the child safety lock, the thermostat can also be easily locked so that younger members of the family cannot make any inadvertent adjustments.

Automatic, frost protection and manual

There are three modes available for the controller. In automatic mode, the heating is controlled via the “Smart Schedules” – the schedules in the tado° app – and via the “local control”. The modes “frost protection” and “manual” regulate heating for a certain period of time at a constant temperature. If the “location-dependent control” is activated in the tado° app, then the conditions “tado° Home” and “tado° Away” are available as triggers in the if-then rules of the eNet app. When people leave the “home area”, for instance, these can be used to put the heater in a lower mode as well as to close blinds or turn off the lights in the house. As soon as you get back to the “home area”, garden lights could be turned on automatically or curtains opened.

The new industry standard eNet SMART HOME

The bidirectional eNet SMART HOME radio system enables smart networking and control of building services via a single platform. The advantage: The respective products and solutions can also be integrated across brands. eNet SMART HOME already covers a large range of home automation systems with the seven partner brands Gira, JUNG, BRUMBERG, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°. From lighting, heating and blind control to energy efficiency and security. At the same time, a dense network of specially trained eNet SMART HOME service partners are available for careful and professional installation. And their number is growing continuously. Nearly 3,000 skilled service partners are currently at work under the umbrella of eNet SMART HOME.