Update 2.2 for the eNet SMART HOME System

Update 2.2 for the eNet SMART HOME System

eNet SMART HOME is a stable and secure radio system for cross-manufacturer net-working of intelligent building technology. It can be installed easily and, with the eNet SMART HOME app, can be operated from any location. Update 2.2 now offers users even more options.

Hannover, 09.09.2019

With the eNet SMART HOME app, you always have an eye on your entire home. Via cen-tralised functions for lighting, shades and heating, it is possible to control the whole build-ing, floors or individual rooms, and operate individual functions even faster as favourites. With Update 2.2 for the eNet SMART HOME app and the eNet SMART HOME server, the scope of application has been increased yet again.

Even more smart options

After Update 2.2, it is now possible to also integrate the JUNG eNet radio centre plate and the JUNG eNet motion detector. The centre plate integrates all applications from JUNG LB Management into the eNet SMART HOME system. The JUNG eNet motion detector is the ideal solution if lighting is to be automatically controlled but there is no wiring available for motion detectors.

Via the update, it has also been possible to optimise the status communication between the eNet SMART HOME app and the eNet SMART HOME server as well as the connec-tion management of the app. The app and the status feedback from the devices are conse-quently more reliable than ever before. The stability of the app connection with the eNet SMART HOME server is considerably greater, especially via remote access using eNet SMART HOME remote. In the app itself, operability has been improved particularly for tab-let users. Originally designed for smartphones, it is now fully compatible with Android and iOS tablets and offers users portrait as well as landscape screen orientation.

App download from September on

The new eNet SMART HOME app V 2.2 is available for iOS and Android in the app store and Google Play Store starting in September 2019. In addition, the eNet server update including the Quickstart Guide is provided for download from the Support section of www.enet-smarthome.com under Downloads.

Cross-manufacturer networking with eNet SMART HOME

The bidirectional radio system eNet SMART HOME enables smart networking and control of home technology via a single platform. The advantage: The corresponding products and solutions can also be integrated across brands. eNet SMART HOME, with seven partner brands Gira, JUNG, BRUMBERG, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°, covers a wide range of home automation. Starting with lighting, heating system and blind control all the way to the subjects of energy efficiency and security. At the same time, there is a dense network of specially trained eNet SMART HOME service partners available for meticulous and professional installation. And their numbers keep on growing. At present, almost 3,200 professional tradespeople are at work under the umbrella of eNet SMART HOME. Of these, more than 2,300 companies have already obtained appropriate qualifications.