Less effort with eNet SMART HOME.

Builder-owner Ms Mett from Marl has plenty of experience with smart home technology. This new shared home for herself and one other party is the second time she is relying on intelligent home management.

First time round she used a cable solution, but lessons have been learnt from the past: only a radio-based system can ensure the required flexibility. eNet SMART HOME was the perfect alternative.

Planning and implementation made possible by:

Local service partner Bernd Croonenbrock of Croonenbrock Elektrotechnik GmbH has previously worked with Ms Mett and the company JUNG. He has implemented numerous eNet SMART HOME projects elsewhere. His enthusiasm for the opportunities offered by intelligent technology is infectious. When Mr Croonenbrock starts work on his projects he always explains things to his customers in everyday terms we all understand.

Builder-owners are involved in every stage of the planning and enabled to grasp the possibilities and modes or realisation. Architect Bärbel Albrecht from Greven has been responsible for the overarching planning of the building.

As I have previously built a number of properties, I felt it as a real advantage to have the company Croonenbrock with its professional adviser at my side. I had support with every aspect of the process, whether it was a new idea or we just had to say: “This makes no sense here, let’s put those lamps there, they will have a much better impact that way.” […] In addition, JUNG supported us directly as the manufacturer. It is a form of cooperation that engenders entirely new approaches to solutions.

Ms Mett, property owner-builder

The advantage of wireless solutions.

eNet is simple to program for trained technicians. Conventional systems based on cable technology not only require very involved specialist expertise and more time but are also more costly.

Even the smallest adjustments require an external programmer and work accordingly tend to be slow – a problem Ms Mett had to put up with on her last construction project.

In that case, a previous installer had in addition made a small mistake with big consequences: as soon as a single cable or lamp became defective, the entire system control failed, so operations for the entire house were out of action. Not very smart.

By comparison: The eNet SMART HOME radio solution turns the positioning of switches and the upgrade of individual components from inconvenience into opportunity. Whether existing lamps are to be integrated into the smart scenarios, new automatic controls for the shutters meant to be added soon, or the walls to stay unspoilt – nothing could be easier.

During planning, builder-owners and fitters can stay flexible and keep back some projects for later. Even with this property, there will be the occasional new smart home idea to be implemented in the future.


The right technology.

At the heart of the smart home in Marl beats the JUNG eNet server. The switch network has been designed by her personally – previous projects give her plenty of experience.

JUNG line F40 was chosen for switch design: wall transmitters with large buttons, engraved by laser with labels specified by Ms Mett. When it comes to design, the classic Duroplast product LS990 in alpine white is used for rendering. The result is a subtle style, flush-mounted and yet distinctive.

In addition to the stylish switches, the property can be controlled with the eNet SMART HOME app and the touch control panel SC7 by JUNG. The S7 matches the strong points of the built-in switches: flat installation, top design and highest-rank functionality.

Enjoying the light.

One of Ms Mett’s favourite aspects of the property is the way the outside light harmonises with the lighting inside. Meeting high standards, especially in the matching of the ambient light scenarios, was the task of master electrician Bernd Croonenbrock – a challenge for which his expertise and experience have prepared him well.

He has reconfigured individual lamps to be separately available to brighten up walls and ceilings. The new Plug & Light lamps by JUNG in the bedroom are likewise integrated seamlessly into the overall lighting design. The concealed installation of sockets and switches is a special point of excitement.

In the end, it is particularly Ms Mett’s own contributions to the planning that make her proud – she feels happy and enjoys the smart comfort in all areas, but particularly in the living rooms of the new building.


What can you do with your home?

If you are building a home, you can start planning smartly from the start: Which components should be controlled by smart technology? How shall we control our future home?

With eNet SMART HOME, these possibilities apply just as much to existing houses and flats – whether you own your own property or are renting. Existing technology such as door communication systems, shutters, lighting and switches can usually be integrated easily in the new smart home. The best way to find out more about requirements is to talk to an experienced technician like Mr Croonenbrock.

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