Smart Home at the highest level.

The premium terraced house in Berlin-Mitte, built in 2012, was extensively renovated after the change of ownership. The premium technical modernisation across 4 floors with a total of 350m² was a challenging project – and a complete success.

Always in the centre of attention: the client’s desire for intelligent technology, especially central lighting control.

Planning and implementation made possible by:

For the integration of existing technology into a professional smart home, a competent specialist is required. Mr Stoye from the company PaechElektro mastered this perfectly – having already converted several properties in the family of the client in this way before. They were all very satisfied with the work of the craftsman. The next assignment is already scheduled: soon an additional alarm system will be installed.

Design, architecture and technology combined.

The longer you stay in your home, the more often you notice new details that inspire. Thanks to the open staircase with stylish lighting, residents and guests always have a large part of the interior ambience in view.

However, it is precisely this staircase, as beautiful as it is, that the client reluctantly has had to run up and down unnecessarily in order to switch off the light in the last room. The central control of blinds and light and the additional remote access via an app provides a remedy.

Smart lighting at the highest level.

As an enthusiast of both light and technology, the client wanted to make use of all the possibilities offered by intelligent lighting control and shading – but at the same time keep the home undamaged and free of dirt. A professional building cleaning would have only unnecessarily prolonged the duration of the renovation. That’s why cable-based solutions for the smart home were not up for discussion.

With the radio-based system from eNet SMART HOME, the entire light system can now be switched off centrally not only wirelessly, but also remotely while on the move. So even after leaving the house, you can easily check on the app whether a light is still on somewhere.

Versatile control.

Especially present in the Berlin smart home: appealing technology from Gira. In addition to the switch classics from the "E2" series, the Gira G1 switch panel is impressive. This gives residents a way to control their smart home not only via switches and apps, but also via touchscreen controls on the wall.

eNet SMART HOME offers users great freedom in the choice of operation. From automated processes via activation by sensors to manual control via a wide variety of control elements: as long as it is convenient for the residents, eNet SMART HOME makes it possible.

More than just a few extras.

Anyone who has installed a smart home that meets the highest demands will naturally not limit themselves to lighting and shading. The intelligent home in Berlin-Mitte offers all kinds of comfort features.

In addition to the many creative room solutions, guests will find the sauna on the fourth floor particularly appealing – combined with a modern fitness room. All in all, there are always elements in the house that stand out, combining perfectly with the window view into the greenery. A nice illustration of the increased energy efficiency of the new smart home.