A historic building reveals its potential.

Every home has its own history – and this should always be respected. In the case of the home of the W. family, this applies in particular: the historic building, which is finally due to be made smart, is even listed as a heritage site.

Consequently, the large estate by the riverside has a few special features which make installing new technology tricky. Thanks to the radio-based smart home solution from eNet SMART HOME, this was no problem at all.


Planning and implementation made possible by:

In terms of the building itself, Jo Geuskens from the electrical installation contractor SPIE had to take many things into account – the old walls and especially the elaborate plasterwork were not allowed to be damaged under any circumstances.

The challenge of finding a high-quality smart home system which requires no additional wiring whatsoever was in keeping with the overall high-end requirements of the property. The technical characteristics of eNet SMART HOME provide the ideal prerequisites – the devices communicate via radio signal and intelligent switches can even be installed in all kinds of places with no wiring necessary.

Intelligent light control.

How can one best light up the interior of a historic building? Together with the building owners, the decision was taken for various light sources such as individual spots and ceiling and exterior lighting.

In terms of control, the users have all kinds of options – which is typical of eNet SMART HOME: switches and touch panels provide an intuitive basis in the building – with the app for smartphone and tablet, control is also possible when out and about.

Smart home in the limelight.

To create the perfect setting for the home – outside and inside – lighting plays a critical role. For this, it is important not only to find suitable lights, but also the right controls and functions.

Thus, it is possible to close the curtains and adjust the inside lights to a pleasant brightness level at the tap of a finger. Once the ideal ambience is found, the individual solution settings are simply defined as a scene.

Smart technology for historic buildings.

The Gira switches are from the E2 range and can be placed anywhere. The pure white version used here goes well with the minimalistic design in the bright rooms contained on the 4 storeys and is still an eye-catcher despite its subtle colour.

In this property, labelled multiple switches were mainly used, which were mounted on brick without damaging the walls, and even on wooden beams.

And your home?

With eNet SMART HOME, practically any home can become smart – no matter what provisions apply. In addition to the technical basis, our service partners are primarily responsible for this.

Our network consists of more than 2,000 certified electrical installation companies in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. If you are interested in a consultation with no obligation, you will find the right contact near you via our service partner search function.